How to find best freelancers for Live Action Explainers

Live Action Explainers FAQs

  • What is a live action video?Live action video means that it’s a video with actual shot video footage, i.e: not animation or motion graphics, but videos that were captured with an actual video camera. This includes stock video footage as well as on demand video productions. They can have many purposes but are most often used to explain your product or service, or to provide testimonials from happy customers
  • Is a live action video location sensitive?It really depends on your project. If you, or a specific person needs to be in the video, or it must be shot in a specific place, it would be location sensitive. But most video ad/commercials can be shot anywhere in the world. Let’s say you’re based in Italy but would like to shoot a video ad for the US market, you can have it shot there by a US based seller.
  • Will my video have actors in it?It can, but it doesn’t have to. If you’d like actors to be casted for your videos, look for sellers that offer it as part of their Gig. There are many of them! Video producers will know how to cast for the right actors and often, present you with a few options before proceeding with shooting.
  • I don’t have a script, can someone write it for me?No worries, many of the Fiverr sellers offer scriptwriting services so all you have to do is to reach out and discuss your needs. You will probably have to fill out a brief about your video project and provide supplementary material that will help your video producer write the script.