How to find best freelancers for Intros & Outros

Intros & Outros FAQs

  • What is an intro and outro for a video?An intro is the introduction of a video. It includes the visuals and the soundtrack that mark the beginning of the video. Similarly, an outro is the content that marks the end of a video. An outro usually includes a concluding soundtrack and closing visuals with a call to action at the end for brands.
  • What are some key features in a compelling intro?A compelling video intro is short and introduces your brand in style. It has vivid visuals and a unique soundtrack. A great intro comes after the hook, which is your promise of what the video will deliver. Want a compelling intro for your brand videos? Hire a specialist to create one for you.
  • What are some key features in a compelling outro?A compelling outro is concise and gives the audience something to do. It is typically a single, strong call to action (CTA) which gives the viewers an incentive to take the action. The CTA could be anything from asking for a like or subscribe, to an email opt-in or even a sale. If you’re not sure how to include all these features in your outro, you can hire a freelancer to create a great outro for you.
  • How long should an intro and outro be?Your intro and outro should both be short and concise. They should be as long as they need to be; not too long and not too short. Experts suggest that an ideal intro length is between 3-7 seconds, while an outro can be longer, about 10-15 seconds, as you need to give your audience time to act on the CTA you’ve given them.