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Invitation Design FAQs

  • Why should I send invitations?In today’s world of social media and cell phones, we’re all in constant communication with each other. This can make it feel like an invitation is unnecessary, when you could just send a text or a Facebook invite. But sending an invitation, whether it’s digital or paper, broadcasts that your event is important and worthy of note. It feels special and deserving of attention, while also allowing you to convey a bit of your brand or personality along with the information
  • What makes good invitation design?Good invitations design will result in a visually appealing, memorable invitation that fits the mood of the event. It should convey all of the necessary information, but nothing extraneous, and make the recipient feel excited about attending.
  • What kinds of events require an invitation?Any event that you are planning is made better by an invitation. It not only delivers all the information to your guests — so that they arrive on time, inappropriate attire, and prepared for what’s to come — but also creates anticipation that makes the event better as a whole. While you could send an invitation for any kind of event, the most common invitations are wedding invitations, birthday/anniversary parties, bridal/baby showers, corporate events, launch parties, and house warmings.
  • Why should I hire a professional invitation designer?Invitation design requires advanced skills that only professional invitation designers have. The design of your invitation will impact how guests feel about the event, and whether they have all the information they need, so it’s smart to hire a professional invitation designer from the start.

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