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Graphics for Streamers FAQs

  • Why are graphics important for my channel?Graphics, especially overlays, improve your stream presentation and make your channel unique. Great graphics boost viewer engagement, provide real-time information about your current gameplay and your brand, and sets you apart from other streamers. They also indicate that a streamer is professional and committed to their channel and community, making the viewing experience more memorable.
  • What are stream emotes?Emotes are entries in text-based chat that indicate an emotion or action. They are essentially special emojis used to convey a message or emotion in the form of text or an image.
  • What are stream overlays?An overlay is basically a frame around the picture captured on your webcam. It is a combination of graphic elements providing a backdrop to your stream while interacting with your audience. In some cases, an overlay can be more complex than just a stream frame.
  • Do I need graphic skills to create overlays?The short answer is yes. You do need graphic skills to create good overlays for your stream if you want to do it yourself. But another option is that you can hire a professional stream designer to create unique overlays for you.