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Brochure Design FAQs

  • Why do I need brochures?Brochures are a tangible and practical way for a person to remember you or your company after what is often a brief introduction at either a meeting, networking event, or other occasion. A brochure often contains more in-depth information about the service you offer, so if a client or partner is interested, they can learn more and follow up on their own time. By having a brochure, you have the freedom to focus on networking and marketing, rather than trying to convey all of the necessary information. Brochures can also be powerful marketing tools if you put them in strategic places.
  • Do I need to prepare something for my brochure design?A professional brochure designer will be able to give you guidance on how best to proceed with your brochure design. However, you should prepare for the project by thinking generally about the impression you want your brochures to give, and any images, illustrations, or photos you want to include. You should also compile the information that should be in the brochure, including writing any copy.
  • What makes a good brochure design?There are a lot of brochures out there in the world, so you want your brochure design to be eye-catching and memorable, something that makes someone take a second look and read through it all. Good brochure design should also include exactly the right amount of information — not too much, not too little —and educate the reader without overloading them with information. A good brochure will also have a clear call-to-action throughout so that if someone is interested they know exactly what to do.
  • How do I choose the right brochure designer?Once you’ve identified a pool of brochure designers based on skills and availability, look at their experience and browse their gig gallery. Look at samples of previous brochure deliveries to get a sense of their style, and evaluate the candidates based on the criteria most important to you. Make sure to contact them before ordering, explain your project requirements, expectations, and budget, and provide examples of work you like by the seller or someone else as a visual reference.